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Teacher Policy 2016 - 2017 Season

Teacher Provides
The best available training / programs tailored to the individual needs of each student.
Positive attitude and respectful treatment of students of all ages.
Nurturing environment for beginners aged 6 and older.
Highly specialized classical training for intermediate through advanced levels, with some emphasis on -Broadway and popular music, as well.
Opportunities for playing classes at the studio, piano performance parties, recitals at professional performance halls.
New Jersey Music Teacher’s Association’s festivals/auditions/competitions.
Masterclass auditions.
Preparation for admittance to college as a music major or minor.

Parents Provide
Consistent daily practice time for children, as recommended by teacher, for student’s particular goals and needs.
Encouragement, interest and positive mental attitude. 
Piano in good repair with semi-annual tunings.
Reliable metronome.
Music books and notebook.
Supportive audience for child student at practice time when necessary. 
Timely payment of lessons, in advance, by the 7th day of a given month.
Attendance at all performance functions recommended by teacher.

Student Responsibilities
Attend lessons consistently.
Practice daily for recommended duration at assigned intervals. 
Be prepared for your lessons.
Be well rested and remain focused and enthusiastic!
Keep a record of your practice time.
Follow teacher assignment.
Maintain a respectful and positive attitude.
Enter studio with a smile, and be kind to your fellow students, parents, and, of course, your teacher!  Be well mannered!
Bring necessary materials to lesson.
Attend all required rehearsals, playing classes, and recitals.

  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT NO MAKEUP LESSONS SHALL BE SCHEDULED FOR LESSONS MISSED BY THE STUDENT FOR ANY REASON.  There is simply not enough time in my schedule to provide this option. Kindly give twenty four (24) hour prior notice for cancellations when possible. There may be the option to switch times with another student who has the same time allotment during the week.  This can only be done with teacher approval.  Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up, or a deduction may be made by the teacher only, when scheduling of the makeup lesson is not possible.  Absolutely no adjustments may be made to the monthly billing statements.   If a student has decided to terminate lessons, one month  advanced notice is required.  Payment must be made for the duration of the full month regardless of when a student  discontinues lessons.  The teacher reserves the right to dismiss a student at any time  if it is in the best interest of the studio, (i.e. habitual late payment, rude behavior,  consistent insufficient practice, etc.).

Regular attendance at lessons and classes is essential for the student's success.

Assuring Your Child's Success in Piano Lessons
Successful, satisfying piano study is dependent upon correct and consistent practice habits.  Here are some suggestions:
Arrange a set time every day for your child to practice and insist on it being kept.
Provide a practice setting free from distraction.
Check on your child's practice progress during the week.
Make sure your child is organized and brings all of the correct music and materials to the lessons in a music case or tote bag.
Check the music notebook regularly for communication from the teacher and help your child follow directions.
Make sure all written assignments are completed and your child is prepared for each lesson.
Arrive on time for all lessons.
Keep your child's nails clipped short.
Attend an occasional piano lesson.
Student should attend all performance classes and recitals as well as mandatory recital rehearsals, as recommended by teacher.  

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